4 Great Reasons to Find a Home Near Auburn University

Whether you’re into sports, food, education, or adventure, Auburn University offers plenty of options for all. Auburn is a town with many positive benefits for those residing there, but its campus adds something that makes it even greater. Living in a college town gives people an experience they will always remember, but “The Loveliest Village On The Plains” has to be at the top of the list. As one of the leading real estate companies in Auburn, The Talons Group knows about all the ways living near campus is an excellent decision. Keep reading to learn our top 4 reasons Auburn University will make your home special.

1. Sports

Auburn University has a lot of opportunities when it comes to entertainment and having fun. The Auburn Tigers are well-known for their exceptional football program and exciting atmosphere with sports. Spending your Saturday at Jordan-Hare will always provide you with a memorable experience, and living nearby makes it easily accessible. If you’re not into football, don’t worry! The Tigers have award-winning equestrian and swim meets, as well as baseball and softball games to give you a variety of options. Another pro to the notable athletic environment is the booming investment opportunities it brings. Buying a gameday condo is a growing trend on The Plains, and is sure to be successful, especially during football season. The Talons Group can help you find the perfect gameday property for sale and lead you in the right direction. With all kinds of sporting events taking place throughout the year, you’ll never have to worry about being bored.

2. Involvement

As a university, Auburn values the importance of giving back to the community. With hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus, there are frequent events that are open to the public and offer involvement. Fundraisers take place often during the school year and give the community a fun experience while allowing you to donate to a wonderful cause. Groups in Greek life and Auburn Athletics are just two of the many organizations that host events to give back. Furthermore, many of these events give Auburn residents the opportunity to volunteer and help students in their efforts to raise money. Lots of them are family (and even pet) friendly, providing the perfect activity for more than just individuals. Plus, there’s always a chance Aubie the Tiger will make an appearance!

3. Food

Like most college campuses, Auburn University provides students with plenty of dining options that are also available to the public. Restaurants on campus have delicious meals and a variety of cuisines. Food trucks like Amsterdam Café, NYC Gyro, Philly Connection, and more are other great places to grab a quick bite. The Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center is set to open before the Fall semester of 2022 on Auburn’s campus and is also going to provide lots of choices for nearby residents. Some activities that will be open to the public include a Coffee Roastery and Café, a Microbrewery with Wine Tasting classes, and the Rooftop Terrace which will include a garden. A brand new restaurant will also be opening for guests called 1856, which will offer an exceptional dining experience. Who doesn’t want to live near a world-renowned culinary center?

4. Educational Opportunities

Auburn University has been ranked among the top 50 best colleges by U.S. News & World Report for 23 years in a row, as well as being the number one university in the state of Alabama. Students of all ages are offered a positive education whether through the university or neighboring schools. With Auburn and Opelika being great places to start a family, having these resources can be a valuable part of your child’s academic career. Another pro to living near this award-winning campus is having an in-state option for your child that will leave them prepared for their steps after graduation. The community at Auburn University is passionate about learning and always willing to share their knowledge.

How We Can Help

At The Talons Group, we are dedicated to giving our customers the best and most personalized experience possible. Our team is always happy to help you with topics from restaurant recommendations to finding homes for sale in Auburn and can assure you we won’t give up until you’re satisfied. With members who have experienced the local area firsthand, you can be sure you’re getting the right expertise. If you want to find a new home near Auburn University, contact us to start your journey. War Eagle!