6 Ways to Make Your House Stand Out on the Market

Sellers spend an average of six months preparing their homes for sale before they even go on the market. If you’ve never sold a home before, you may not know how much work goes on behind the scenes of appraisal and staging for potential buyers. The market can seem oversaturated at times, but knowing how to make your house stand out can help you sell faster and at the price you want. Here’s a list of 6 things that will help your house sell:

1. Declutter and Clean

You may already tend to keep a clean home. However, when it’s time to sell, you need your house to be in tiptop shape. Dirty homes are not appealing to buyers and every other house you’re competing against will be clean. If you want to live up to “move-in ready” standards, you need to deep clean. If your house is already clean, look for clutter that you don’t typically notice. Clutter can make a house look dirty and small, and your buyers won’t be looking for those qualities. Cleaning and reorganizing your home will make it seem more spacious. If applicable, move your unnecessary possessions to a storage facility. If you’re buying while selling, this can make moving easier in the long run.

2. Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

Cleaning doesn’t just apply to the inside of your house. Take a look at your exterior and see what needs to be updated. Clean the outside of your house and amp up your curb appeal. The exterior of your house is the first thing that potential buyers will see; make sure it’s something they won’t forget. Fix up any paint, cut the grass, and maintain hedges and flowers. You don’t have to break the bank. Instead, upgrade what you already have. Simple landscaping can increase your home’s value.

3. Make Repairs and Finish Projects

As you’re cleaning up, make note of repairs that need to be made. These repairs could be chipped paint or scratched floors. Make a list of everything because the repairs can add up quickly. If money is an issue, ask your real estate agent what needs to be done and what can wait. After gaining some insight, it’s time to fix up all those things you’ve let sit around or finally finish the home improvement project you’ve been working on.

4. Have the Right Amount of Personalization

Repairs or finishing up projects may include painting. If you’re going to repaint, neutral is the way to go. Blank walls help the buyer imagine themself in the house. To make a sale, the buyer needs to be able to picture their things in your home. This is hard to do when your home is filled with personal items. Brightly colored walls and too much personalization can distract the buyer. Find the happy medium between a lived-in look and a completely blank slate.

5. Get a Home Inspection

After you’ve cleaned, made repairs, and set up your home, you should consider getting a home inspection. A home inspection isn’t particularly needed at this point in the selling process. However, if you get a home inspection ahead of time, you can save money in the long run. A home inspector can point out any things that could keep your home from selling. If you get your inspection before putting your home on the market, you can fix things now instead of losing money on them later. Anything you missed while preparing to put your home on the market, a home inspector will catch.

6. Host an Open House

Once your home is on the market, consider hosting an open house. An open house is a great opportunity for potential buyers to check out the house for themselves in a more in-depth way than pictures could ever show. An open house also gives the potential buyers time to ask you any questions they may have. Getting to know these buyers on a more personal level makes them more likely to purchase your house without asking for a lower price. Consider playing music or baking cookies for your open house. These tips can help you gain a sale after your showing.

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