9 Open House Food Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good snack to go with touring houses? Snacking while touring houses is the perfect combination. Hosting a successful open house can be stressful along with providing the best snacks for each guest. Some people are not comfortable eating in front of strangers because they do not want to make a mess, especially in a new, clean house. Others might feel weird about eating food that is touching strangers’ food. When getting food ready for an open house it would be helpful to have some options that are wrapped separately or in paper cups, if possible because you want to make sure people feel safe and comfortable at your open house. With that being said, here are some great open house food ideas.


Who doesn’t love cookies? On top of them being delicious, they make your home smell great. To make a variety of different cookies, you can start off with a normal cookie base and add different types of chocolate chips, caramel chips, mint chips, and anything else yummy! Therefore, you have lots of different options with little effort. You can individually wrap them with your logo and encourage everyone to take extras when they leave. This gives them something to remember you by and build a relationship with.

Charcuterie Boards

Another classic is charcuterie. While some people might feel strange about grabbing food from a shared plate, there are ways to make them open-house friendly. You could offer different utensils for each type of food on the board, or create your own mini, individual charcuteries with the different meats, cheeses, and even fruit. These can be decorated up or down as much as you want if you put them into single-serving bowls.

Puff Pastries

Like cookies, puff pastries are a great way to add different flavors to look like there was more effort put into them than there was. You can add chocolate, strawberry, or any flavoring you want. These should definitely be served on individual plates or napkins to keep from flaking all over the clean house.


Another dessert that is similar to cookies and puff pastries and is easy to customize are brownies. You can add extra chocolate or fudge, caramel, or butterscotch to make each brownie unique. To create a variety you can also add nuts to some and not others to accommodate people’s tastes. This way everyone will find something they enjoy! Like cookies, you can wrap them in bags with your logo to expand your marketing efforts and build that personal relationship with your clients.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are great to provide a healthier snack while guests are browsing through the open house. Because they are finger food, guests will not feel bad about lingering and eating more. Because they go fast, it is important to keep extras in the fridge to restock as the open house goes on.


Another great finger food is pinwheels. Like finger sandwiches, you can add whatever you want to your pinwheel. That can include meat, cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, or whatever tastes good. There are plenty of pinwheel recipes to create a variety of different ones, so everyone can find one they enjoy. Like finger sandwiches, these will go fast, so it is important to keep trays stocked in the fridge for when you start running low.

Mixed Nuts

Another easy finger food for your open house guests is mixed nuts such as pecans, cashews, almonds, and more. A quick and easy recipe is to get some roasted nuts and cover them in cinnamon and sugar and place them in individual cups. Nuts are a great snack to give someone some energy which will get more people thinking about the open house.

Festive Popcorn

Like cookies and brownies, you can individually wrap popcorn and place your logo on the wrapping or cup. There are also many different flavors so everyone will be able to find something they enjoy. Some flavors include movie theater butter, kettle corn, and caramel corn.


Pretzels are a fun open house food because there are so many ways to eat them. You can provide soft and/or hard pretzels and dipping sauce. The dipping sauce can be anywhere from cheese, cinnamon, or chocolate. This will also make it look like you put more effort into the pretzel dish.

Creating a Great Open House

In order to have the best food options for your open house, make sure they are finger snacks easy to enjoy while on the move. Having a variety of food like sweets and finger sandwiches so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Keeping the foods simple and not messy will entice more people to eat because no one wants to be the person who spilled their food at an open house. Adding some drinks like water, tea, lemonade, and soda will help your guests wash their snacks down and make them feel a little more comfortable in what could be their new home.

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