The Talons Group is a boutique real estate and development firm serving Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. The group was established to introduce an elevated real estate experience to the area based on cutting-edge services and strategy, as well as a higher level of customer service. The Talons Group experience is unparalleled in the market for both consumers and our own team members.

Our Team


Stacie LeCroy
Karen Barnes
Mex Branch
William Scott
Millie Phillips

In order to offer the best experience to our customers, our company must have the top real estate professionals in the Auburn/Opelika area. To attract the best, The Talons Group was founded on the similar notion that we must offer an experience unlike any other for our own team members.

In fact, our team members are called shareholders, because each member of our sales team has ownership in the revenue of the company and an opportunity for success that cannot be matched by other firms.

The Talons Group is committed to maintaining a team environment, where our cumulative success will far exceed what we can reach individually. This strong support system, coupled with the best training, technology and marketing available, will establish The Talons Group as the true leader in the market.

For Our Customers

Our team is the cornerstone of our business, but equally important are the relationships we have with our customers and community. We believe relationships are ongoing and should extend far beyond an initial sale. For this reason, The Talons Group maintains a robust concierge program that allows our team members to keep consistent communication with clients and assist clients in becoming a part of the community. Whether it’s restaurant recommendations, a babysitter list or the number of the best dog walker in town, our team is available to make clients feel welcome and settled. We will foster client relationships as a team, turning “your clients” to “our clients.” This higher level of service will further separate The Talons Group from the rest.

Founders’ Message

Both Real Estate Agents ourselves, we wanted to create something better than your typical real estate business. With The Talons Group, we decided to take the individual mentality out of the day-to-day operations of a real estate agent; instead creating a cutting-edge environment where a highly talented core group of real estate agents working together can be so much more successful. We have no aspirations for The Talons Group to become a large company, only a vision for a unique company where it is the minds of the individuals working together that make each member of our team reach a level of success they could never reach on their own. —Scott Barnes and James Watts