Best Places to Pop the Question in Auburn, AL

Why not find your home in the place where you fell in love? There are many places throughout Auburn, Alabama that are beautiful for a proposal. The beautiful, historic buildings and parks are great for this memorable moment. Many proposal stories in Auburn consist of past students coming back to the school they fell in love with. Auburn is full of gorgeous homes and a great atmosphere. Whether you are popping the question or simply want to enjoy some of the best places in town, here are some of Auburn’s finest:

1. Samford Hall

There are many great reasons why people propose to their significant others on Samford Lawn/in front of Samford Hall. Samford Hall is one of the most iconic buildings on Auburn’s campus. One couple who got engaged on Samford Lawn explained their reasoning behind the proposal. It was a family tradition! The husband explained how his father proposed to his mother in front of Samford Hall. Because his father died when he was only four years old, he wanted to continue the tradition to feel close to him.

2. Toomer’s Corner

Toomer’s Corner is historic throughout Alabama and is an iconic spot for the Auburn community. The history dates back many years and holds many traditions. This is another great location for former students to propose to their significant others. Because Toomer is so popular, it is a memorable location for a proposal. When you google Auburn, Alabama, a plethora of photos will appear showing Toomer’s Corner. Known for being rolled after Auburn victories, Toomer’s Corner is a joyous and celebratory location. One of their famous lemonades would taste great after saying yes to a proposal.

3. The Auburn Seal

This would be a great proposal spot for newly graduated Auburn students. The legend says if you step on the seal before graduation you will be cursed. Part of the curse includes marrying an Alabama fan. Therefore, if you have survived the curse post-graduation this would be a great place to propose as former Auburn students, marrying each other and not an Alabama fan.

4. Chewacla State Park

Chewacla is a great place to pop the question for adventurous people who love the outdoors. When winter has ended and spring is beginning, Chewacla is a beautiful place to enjoy hiking and nature. Before it gets too hot, Chewacla is an ideal place for a picnic and a hike, making for a picturesque proposal. The beautiful waterfall is a perfect backdrop for any engagement photos as well!

5. Iron Bowl

Any true Auburn or Alabama fan will respect and understand the significance of popping the question the day of the Iron Bowl. While this can be risky, should your team win, the victory will only add to the excitement of the proposal. A victorious win for Auburn during the Iron Bowl will make a wedding proposal unforgettable. Also, the adrenaline from an Auburn win after an Iron Bowl will be the best kick-start to get down on one knee!

6. Davis Arboretum

The Davis Arboretum is a 13.5-acre botanic garden and is one of the oldest in the SEC. It is supported by the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University. There are miles of walking trails, places to relax, and a waterfall. There is a perfect little bridge that sits over a creek which is the perfect place to propose. In the fall when the flowers are blooming, the location will be beautiful for proposal pictures.

7. The Collegiate Hotel

The Collegiate Hotel has a beautiful rooftop bar that overlooks Samford Lawn. A beautiful sunset behind Samford Hall will make for a picture-perfect proposal. The colorful, luxury boutique hotel offers a great atmosphere for an engagement. After the proposal, the luxury hotel is a great venue for bridesmaid luncheons and engagement parties.

8. Downtown Opelika Fountain

In the center of downtown Opelika is a beautiful fountain. The fountain is known for changing colors depending on the different holidays and times of the year. Here’s a tip: try and get the color of the fountain changed for the proposal.

How Talons Can Help

The Talons Group is here to help you find the perfect home for you and your significant other in Auburn, Alabama. Finding a home where you already have lifelong memories will make the transition to a new home easier. Gameday condos are also a perfect way to stay connected in Auburn if it is not your primary residence.

At the Talons Group, we want to help you find your perfect home in the Auburn-Opelika area. We believe our relationship extends past just the sale of your home. Whether it’s recommendations around town or a friendly face, we want to ensure that the Auburn-Opelika area truly feels like home. Contact us today to find your forever home!