Benefits of Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home

When it comes to buying and selling your home there are millions of questions you start to ask yourself. Starting with the most important question of all, “Should I use a real estate agent?” The answer is yes! 

There are many benefits of using a real estate agent rather than trying to do the work all on your own. Realtors are here to not only hold your hand throughout the whole process but also make sure you are getting exactly what you want/need out of your home.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Retiring in Auburn-Opelika

Auburn, Alabama is known as the loveliest village on the plains, and it truly is. From the numerous outdoor activities, some of the greatest restaurants in the state and even country, the museums and architecture and, most of all, the warm and welcoming people that make you feel right at home here on the plains. 

Southern Living Magazine named Auburn, Alabama as one of the best small towns to retire in the south. It praised Auburn for an excellent variety of dining options, top-notch golfing, arts and sporting entertainment. 

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How to Increase Your Open House Attendance

Open houses are a great tool to show your home to potential buyers. They are more efficient than private showings because they allow for a multitude of people to see the house at one time. However, the planning and advertising of an open house must be well-executed in order to maximize opportunities and get as many people to attend as possible.

Hosting the perfect open house can be hard enough, but worrying about how many people will show up can make it even more stressful. If you are concerned about how many people will show up to your open house, check out these tips that might help drive traffic to your open house showings.

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Checklist to Complete Before Falling in Love with a Home

The prospect of buying a new home can be so exciting that you forget about all the little things you need to do before you can find your perfect home. We can be impatient to find the house of our dreams that we can be unprepared for the actual buying process. According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials’ said, other than finding the right property, understanding the home buying process and steps was the most difficult part in finding a home. At the Talons Group, our dedicated real estate agents will help you with preparing, finding, and picking a new home for your family. Before we help you find your new home though, here is a checklist to complete before you fall in love with a home.

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How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

If you are looking to sell your home, you may need to give the outside of your house a serious makeover. The outside of your house is the first impression a buyer will have about your property, and sprucing it up can make a huge impact on the value of your home. At the Talon’s Group, we want you to get the best offer for your home. If you are looking to add value to your home, or just looking to renovate your house for your own personal use, there are some easy changes you can make to your house to give it a fresh, new look. Here are our tips to giving your home the ultimate curb appeal.

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Benefits of Buying a Game Day Condo

Traveling back to your college alma mater can be such a fun experience, but can quickly become expensive. Between hotel prices skyrocketing come game day, season tickets and even food for the weekend, the vacation bill soon runs up. The biggest dent in the wallet is hotel rates, that often double, triple or even quadruple on football weekends in Auburn. However, people are combating the crazy price-gouging by buying a “game day condo”. This is becoming a huge trend in the real estate market, especially in Auburn.

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