Creating Your House Hunting Checklist

Are you beginning your house hunting journey? Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you’ve done this before, you are creating a list of must-haves for your new home. Buying a home can be overwhelming but we are here to let you know what to look for on your hunting spree.

The Talons Group is here for you with a team of realtors dedicated to finding a home that fits your every need. Read this post to know what should be on your checklist.

Set your budget

Your budget should be the first thing you determine on your checklist. Don’t waste time looking at homes way above your price range.

The first step in beginning the hunt for your new home is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. This will help you determine the size of the loan that the bank is willing to give you and decide how much of that you are willing to spend.

The second step in setting your budget is discussing your monthly mortgage payment and how much money can comfortably pay each month. This comes down to how large your down payment is on the house.

Don’t forget to include the HOA fees, taxes and insurance into the monthly payments. Once you find a good price range, you can begin filling out the rest of your checklist.

Find a location

Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in can be impacted by many variables. The location of your new home will influence how long your commute to work is, what schools your children will attend, proximity to shops and possible safety concerns.

Websites such as will help you learn more about a neighborhood and hear from locals themselves.

It is important to make sure you are choosing a neighborhood within your price range. You may have to decide what is most important to you when it comes to location and give up something depending on your budget and dream neighborhood.

Know your basic needs

The basic needs of your new home include how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, the condition of the home and yard size. These are the must-haves that will say yes or no to a home before you even step inside.

While you’re house hunting don’t forget to consider what is a need versus what you want. You may want an in-ground pool but it is not a necessity compared to your need for parking.

A basic need for your home may be that you are hoping to renovate or that you need the house to be move-in ready. has provided a checklist for you to evaluate the condition of every part of your home.

Once you determine the basic needs of your home, you can be creative and more open to the style or age of the home.

Get a realtor

This step is essential on your house hunting checklist. You are going to need someone who can lead you on the right path to finding your new home. If you followed the last step, your realtor is going to be able to see your vision and find a home that fits that perfectly.

Realtors will do most of the research for you, taking stress and time off of your hands. Their top priority is to make you happy and work in your best interest.

Also, realtors are trained to negotiate. Have a house in mind that’s overpriced but you can’t give up? Your realtor from The Talons Group can work to get you the best value for your money.

Get down to the details

You can get picky when house hunting, this is supposed to be your dream home. Add to your list what is most important to you in a home. Buying a home is not about settling, it’s about finding a place you are proud to live in.

Details such as how much natural lighting you want and curb appeal are great things to add to your list to give your realtor a better idea of what you want. Make sure to check out some open houses on your own as well to get the feel of different homes and their features.

Keep the long term in mind when you’re deciding what you want in a home. Look for a home with updated appliances if you don’t want to worry about replacing them in the near future. You should also keep in mind if you plan on adding to your family whether it is children or animals.

Hunting for a home is a fun and exciting process, keep your checklist tight and don’t stray too far from what you really want. Keep into account your personal lifestyle and needs and trust your realtor. The perfect home is not far away!

At The Talons Group, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have with our homeowners. We want to make the process of buying or selling a home as easy as possible. Contact one of our real estate professionals today at (334) 758-6220.