Home Office: Tips and Trends for Designing Your Workspace

With technology advancing more every day, working from home has become easier and more accessible for many people. Remote work comes with some great benefits that have made homebuyers put more consideration into having a home office. These spaces give you the chance to continue working while being in the comfort of your own home, but how you set up your workspace is vital. The Talons Group is one of the most trusted real estate companies in Auburn, Alabama, with properties that offer the perfect space for your home office. These are some of the best tips and trends our team thinks you should consider for your workspace at home.

Your Desk

Normally, the focal point in a home office is the desk where you’ll be spending most of your time and energy completing work. This element should make you feel comfortable and gives you the chance to show some personality with the design. Before you start setting up your space, it’s recommended that you take some measurements and understand your limitations when buying your desk. If you plan to use your room for more than just an office, you could consider incorporating a hidden desk that’s built-in somewhere that’s easily accessible. When it comes to picking one out, remember how much space you feel you’ll need and make sure your desk will accommodate you. Having a comfortable work area will increase your overall mood and productivity while you get things done.

Natural Light

One of the benefits of working from home is your exposure to natural light instead of bright fluorescents like many office buildings include. This sunlight can keep you more alert and prepared throughout your work day and will be much healthier. Additionally, you’ll be getting the Vitamin D your body needs to improve your well-being as well as sleep habits. Try positioning your desk near a window or in the center of the room so the light can reach you. If you have a nice view, this will give you the chance to take breaks and look outside or even crack a window when the weather is especially nice. Your guests or loved ones may also want to take a look at your office, and natural lighting tends to be more welcoming to people.

Keep It Organized

While you’re sure to have some paperwork or documents lying around when making your home office you should consider what type of storage you may need. Another positive benefit of having your own home office is that you have so much more opportunities for storage. Talk to your real estate agent to find out if there are any homes for sale with built-in storage already in the office, and if not, there are some creative ways to incorporate some yourself. You can start by saving digital copies of your files so you have them available on your desktop at all times and using a hard drive. This will help avoid the stress you might find walking into an office full of in-progress paperwork covering the desk. Being able to find things quickly and efficiently is key to having a functional workspace at home.

Location Matters

Though your office room will most likely be in your home, choosing where within your space is crucial. You’ll want to ensure you’re not located around distractions or loud areas because this could throw off your work. When setting up your rooms, find a space that’s quieter, whether on the first floor or second. Additionally, if you have younger kids it can be easy for them to wander into your space during the day so, if needed, consider finding a pot away from their rooms and play area. There have been some rising trends in converting unused garages to office spaces and building a garden room outside to give you some extra privacy. Of course, remember to keep all aspects, like natural lighting and storage space, in mind when picking out a location.


Most work nowadays is done from a laptop or computer which both require some cords in order to fully function. An office or desk covered in cords can be overwhelming not only for you but also for your guests. Look into finding clamps or ties that can be used to hold bunches of wires together safely. Also, make sure your desk is located close to an outlet, but avoid being too far. You don’t want to cause a tripping hazard because you’re desperately trying to charge your laptop from as far as the cord can reach. Try not to install a TV or any type of gaming in this area unless it’s needed because these can be key distractions

How We Can Help

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