How to Host A Perfect Housewarming Party

Finding the perfect new home is an adventurous and exciting point of life. By working with a real estate agent you will be guaranteed to find a space that you can’t wait to invite your friends and family to! Once the boxes are unpacked, you may be itching to finally host guests in your new home or apartment. After receiving numerous messages from friends and family wondering when they can stop by and see the new place, it is time to throw a housewarming party! By following these tips, you will be guaranteed to impress all your guests with your hosting skills.

The Waiting Game

When picking the date for your housewarming party, be sure you choose a time when you know you will be at a comfortable point with your move-in process. This could take weeks, or perhaps even months. However, you should not feel rushed on setting a party date as tempting as it may be to invite everyone over right away. Your guests will understand that you will need the time to settle in, and you would not want to be drowning in boxes days before the big event!

Timing it out

You may have already had practice with participating in an open house if you were selling your last home. It can be helpful to set up your housewarming party similar to those practices especially if you were planning on inviting a large group of people. By telling guests they are free to come by anytime between 12:00 and 4:00 instead of creating a hard start time at 1:00, you will have a consistent flow of people that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. This will definitely allow everyone the time to have a personal house tour as well.

Invite the Neighbors

If you are putting in the work to clean up your place in order to throw a get together, it is the perfect time to meet the neighbors as well! Don’t feel pressured to invite the whole neighborhood, but extending a few invites to the people on your street starts you off on the right foot in your new community. Even if many aren’t able to come, they will remember your kind gesture the next time they see you!

Keep Things Simple 

When it comes to the food, silverware, and decorations, simple is often better! Since your kitchen may not be completely ready for a five course meal to be whipped up, popping in a store and grabbing a few snack platters may be the way to go. This also goes for your cutlery and dishes. Using paper products will allow for easy cleanup and save you some time if you’ve yet to buy real plates. When it comes to decorations, your guests are excited to see your new home as is, so foregoing extra decor may be the way to go!

Set Up a Registry

It is common place for guests to arrive with a gift when invited to a housewarming party, so might as well make sure they provide items you actually need! Set up your registry online and include numerous items you would still need by the time the party arrives. Make sure these are at a variety of price points to not pressure your guests into spending more than they should. If you are unsure of this step, you can always make the registry and bring it up only if someone asks for ideas.

The beauty of a housewarming party is how simple they are to set up and how they are a great way to visit with friends old and new! A new home is one of the most exciting points in an adult’s life and a real estate agent is there to make sure your new space is one you are eager to show off. Talon’s Group is equipped with a team of agents who are experts in their community as well as customer service. We value our strong relationships with each customer in order to find the perfect space for them in the neighborhoods of Auburn and Opelika. Make an appointment with us today to get started on finding the space of your dreams.