Staging 101: Tips and Tricks

There is a massive amount of information out there about staging a home. We all know that too much information can be overwhelming. To make things easier, we want to give you a brief overview of key things to prioritize throughout the staging process.

The Talons Group specializes in home sales and believe that we have some great tips to offer you as you begin your journey towards selling your home.

  1. Make the Space Feel Bigger

All buyers are looking for space when shopping for homes. Everyone wants to see a house with enough space to live comfortably. During your staging process, you can use this to your advantage. Taking into account the effect that certain furniture pieces will have on the look of rooms will make a world of difference to potential buyers. You want people to have the ability to imagine their belongings in the space rather than being distracted by your decorations.

Keep in mind that using only essential furniture pieces rather than a multitude of small decor is a simple way to enhance the space and make your floor plan appear more spacious. According to Sarah Baeulmer, decorating with mirrors is also a great way to make any room appear more spacious. Learn more about her full-proof tips to staging your home here. 

  1. Have Character

The idea that a staged home needs to be too plain and neutral is beginning to lose its popularity. It is important to not forget character when planning how your staged home will look. Do not ask yourself what is trending in the design world but rather what personality do you want people to see when they enter your home. 

Staging your home is not the same as interior decoration. When you stage a home, you are not meant to follow a design style but rather just give the space just enough character to appeal to your audience but not get stuck in a singular aesthetic. 

A great tip is to lean towards a more transitional style. You do not want to be too trendy or too traditional. Learning too far in one direction could alienate potential buyers who prefer the other. HomeLight provides extensive information about how to differentiate between staging and design here. 

  1. Highlight the Positives

Potential buyers are looking for a wide variety of features in a home, from large yards to wrap-around porches. Accentuating the positive aspects of your home rather than hiding the negatives is to be the most effective way to intrigue a buyer. 

The first step in highlighting these positives is to figure out what they are. There may be many things about your house that you love, make sure to enhance these features so that potential buyers will love them as well. Do you have an incredible backyard with lots of potential for a family? Bring all buyers outside and make sure that you have attractive pictures throughout your ads that spotlight this feature. There are so many houses on the market that you need to make sure that your home will stand out. 

  1. Focus on Curb Appeal

A great start to increasing the attractiveness of your home is to improve curb appeal. When buyers begin to search for homes, they are window shopping and the first thing they will see is how your home looks from the street. If you are unable to catch their attention quickly they will likely move on to the next option without seeing all your home has to offer. HGTV provides an extensive list of plants that will guarantee an immediate facelift for your home, read their suggestions here. 

We can not emphasize enough that curb appeal is the real deal when it comes to selling your home. Making sure that the first impression is a positive one is vital when it comes to a home sale. Adding some touch-ups here and there can make the difference of receiving an offer or not.

In addition to these key points, always remember that you want your home to be inviting, a place where potential buyers can envision themselves living. Creating this ambiance for an open house involves extensive cleaning, pleasant aromas, and lots of light. Showcase what you know that your home has to offer and the buyer will be lined up to make an offer. 

We hope that you have received a starting point to begin the process of staging. Remember these basic tips and they will help you make the most of open house opportunities. Lastly, we do not want you to go through this process alone. While these tips are vital to the success of selling your home, there is so much more involved in the selling process. Using a realtor to sell your home is the best way to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want/need out of your home. Let us help you have the best experience throughout this process. Contact us today to learn more about our services at (334) 758-6220.