The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has sprung! It is time to get your home in tip-top shape for the new season. There are many ways and steps in order to deep clean all of the rooms in your home. While you should clean your home more than just when spring arrives, it is also good to have a deep clean every once in a while. Spring cleaning allows you to remove the pollen that can cause allergies as the seasons begin to change. This will also allow for the removal of any mold, mildew, and dust before it becomes an issue and possibly damages the home.

Spring cleaning is also the perfect task to get your home ready to sell. In order to get your home for-sale ready, it needs to be in the best shape. This way people will be able to envision themselves living there.

Here is your spring cleaning checklist to ensure you are making your home as clean as possible!

Every Room

There are some cleaning tips that apply to every room. For a successful spring cleaning, we recommend the following:

  • Every room should be vacuumed or mopped
    • including rugs, carpets, and/or curtains
    • Shampoo rugs and carpets
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Wipe baseboards, shoe molding, and dust corners
  • Sanitize light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles
  • Clean windows and window sills
  • Clean or change air vent filters
  • Replace light bulbs as needed
  • Dust curtain rods and clean window sills


From food to dirty dishes to greasy hands, the kitchen can hold a lot of germs and grime. Here are some cleaning recommendations to make sure your kitchen is fully cleaned this spring:

  • Wipe down the microwave, coffee maker, and other small appliances
  • Empty crumb tray in toaster or toaster oven
  • Empty fridge
    • Clean out expired sauces and food
    • Clean fridge shelves (they might fit in the dishwasher!)
    • Clean behind and beneath the fridge
  • Defrost freezer
  • Sanitize the sink
  • Deodorize drains
  • Clear cabinets and wash shelves
  • Discard any old or expired food in the cabinets/pantry


As we all know, bathrooms can get pretty nasty throughout the year. Taking time during spring cleaning to really scrub those crevices will make all the difference. Check out our cleaning tips for bathrooms:

  • Organize drawers and cabinets
  • Discard any expired makeup and properly dispose of expired medications
  • Replace shower curtain liner
  • Scrub tile grout
  • Cleaning makeup brushes and sponges
  • Deep clean tub and shower
  • Wash shower curtain and floor mat


Bedrooms can get very dirty throughout the year without you even noticing. From snacks to dirty laundry, it is good to deep clean the bedrooms during the spring. Here are some of our cleaning tips for your home’s bedrooms:

  • Wash all bedding (including duvet and mattress pads)
  • Flip mattress
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs (this goes for any room with carpets or rugs)
  • Organize closets
  • Donate unused clothes or clothes you have not worn in a while


Offices can hold a lot of important documents and can be a place where you spend most of your time. Taking care of the space will ensure nothing falls through the cracks and you are working in a neat environment. Here are some tips for cleaning your office this spring:

  • Recycle any unneeded paperwork
  • Dust keyboard and sanitize monitor
  • Clean keyboard with canned hair to get rid of the dust

Living room

The living room is a social room where people can enjoy each other’s company. Make sure guests feel comfortable and sanitary this spring with these cleaning tips:

  • Vacuum sofa and chairs
    • Remove sofa cushions and vacuum crevasses
  • Sanitize remotes
  • Wash pillows, blankets, and slipcovers
  • Dust and polish furniture

Laundry room

The laundry room usually acts as a walkway between the garage and the rest of the house, making it easy to build up dirt. Whatever you use your laundry room for, having it clean will keep the mess from moving into the other rooms. To have a clean laundry room, we recommend the following:

  • Clean lint trap thoroughly in washer and dryer
  • Clean behind washer and dryer
  • Organize laundry supplies
  • Clean washing machine (You can use Kool-Aid!)


A garage is typically a safe place for messes and nature that gets tracked in. Cleaning out the garage every once in a while can help keep the mess from getting inside. Here are some recommendations for cleaning your garage:

  • Declutter/organize tools, sporting equipment, and toys
  • Open the garage door to air out
  • Replace batteries in garage door openers
  • Clean garage door and garage door frame

Kids playroom

Kids can be messy when it comes to playing. Making sure everything is sanitary and in good shape, we recommend the following:

  • Sanitize toys with soap and water
  • Wash stuffed animals and soft toys
  • Donate unused toys
  • Organize toys


Pollen can collect in heavy layers during the springtime, worsening allergies and not looking visually appealing. To clean outdoors, you can:

  • Pressure wash deck and/or outdoor furniture
  • Hose out garbage cans and recycling bins
  • Wash window screens

To make spring cleaning a little lighter, you can deep clean your home a couple of times a year. These steps are ways to improve your home in order to keep it in the best condition possible. You can do many of these tasks on your cleaning checklist every week or two. This is a great list of tasks to do when getting ready for an open house.

During an open house, you want the potential buyers to feel welcome in your home. Making sure to keep things clean and neat is key to a happy experience. With spring cleaning, you will be able to sell your home in its best shape which could affect appraisal and the buying process.

How We Can Help

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