Tips for hosting a successful open house

Tips for hosting a successful open house

If you’re buying or selling a home, you’ve probably heard of the term “open house.” Put simply, an open house can be extremely beneficial to buyers and sellers who wish to experience a home first-hand. Hosting an open house gives the opportunity for all interested buyers to visit the home on the same day. This helps to reduce the number of showings necessary while still entertaining the same level of interest. Some real estate agents claim having an open house while your home is on the market can boost your chances of someone purchasing your home by 20 percent.

Hosting an open house can seem overwhelming, but talk to your realtor and they can get the job done for you, stress-free. At The Talons Group Real Estate Brokerage, we want to provide you with some insider tips on how to host the best open house on the block.

The Sunday standard

Choosing the day to host your event is one of the most important steps toward achieving a successful open house. Setting the date on a Sunday is beneficial because the majority of people are busy during the workweek. Sunday is the day of the week, for most, that has the least amount of conflict. Finding the perfect day for your potential homeowners to visit is essential to driving traffic through your doors.

Clean and stage your home

Before your open house, it is important to make sure your home is looking spotless. A clean home is a happy home, especially when impressing a potential buyer. A clean environment helps space feel refreshed, open to possibilities and stress-free. Make sure to keep the home clean at all times when you are trying to sell, you never know when you may need to have a showing or host another open house. After you clean the home, hire someone to help you stage it. Staging helps give the home a facelift. It adds new decor, furniture and ambiance for potential buyers to experience your home in a new light. Staging helps remove the personal touches of the previous homeowner to make it more impressionable for interested buyers.

Print collateral

Signs, brochures and flyers, oh my. Incorporating signs and other print collateral into your open house can be a helpful way to reinforce the information about the home after the potential buyer leaves. Having sheets or brochures with all the necessary information can be a great addition to the mix if the customer wants to take time to think about their decision at home. Having signs that lead potential buyers to your open house is helpful, especially in neighborhoods with confusing layouts. Think of unique ways to incorporate print collateral into your marketing mix.

Spread the word

If people don’t know about your open house, how can they attend? Advertising the event will help generate awareness and direct attention toward your amazing home. Pushing out the open house message can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Word-of-mouth – This can be one of the most effective means of advertising. The more local influencers, neighbors and friends talking about the open house, the more people that will be aware and enticed to attend.
  • Paid advertisements – Paying for advertisements locally and paying for advertisements on the internet can help drive traffic to your listing.
  • Social Media – Utilizing social media platforms is one of the best ways to advertise an open house. You can tap into a local influencer, post on your pages and promote your posts and advertisements with payments to the platforms.

There are a variety of ways for you to advertise your open house, so make sure you consider all channels that you feel will be most effective for you.

Remove personal items

When you walk into a home you’re looking to purchase, you want to visualize your life there. If personal items from the previous owners are visible, it makes it difficult to fully imagine yourself in a home that still belongs to someone else. Clutter can be detracting and deter buyers, no matter how great the house is. Clearing the home of any and all personal items allows prospective buyers to imagine all the exciting possibilities if they were to own the home.

Increasing the number of touch points potential buyers have with your home can increase the sales potential of your listing. An open house is a great tactic for your realtor to really provide a more immersive experience for buyers. When buying a house, attending an open house is the best opportunity to give prospective buyers a feel for whether or not they could call that place home.

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