Try These Easy DIY Renovations Inside Your New Home

Moving into a home is exciting, but it’s easy to come up with potential projects while you get settled. Even if your real estate agent showed you the property and you fell in love, it’s normal, and even fun, to brainstorm ways to enhance your new space. More major renovations can cost a fortune and take up an unexpected amount of your time. There are countless ways to increase the value of your home by yourself and without breaking the bank. Here are some easy DIY projects that will help you avoid stress while adding something new to your space.

Change Up a Wallspace

Walls offer plenty of room for you to get creative and try something different. One popular DIY trend is creating a wooden palette wall in your bedroom to add some texture and personality. There are even realistic, peelable options that will last a long time and won’t leave any marks on the wall when coming down. Another way to use removable wallpaper is to redesign the backsplash in your new home’s kitchen. Add a pop of color to spice up the space or match the other appliances in the area.

An easy and unique project that you could try to work on is redesigning your wall using stencils. Painting with this guide will help you create patterns of your choosing that could add to your room. If you have kids, there are peelable chalk walls that are easy to lay on and provide a simple form of entertainment. On top of this, you could use a small piece of chalkboard paper in your kitchen or common area to make lists or draw. These DIY options give you and your children something to further enjoy the space.

Update Your Cabinets

One popular project that many new homeowners want to tackle is changing out the kitchen cabinets, whether for a different color, material, or size. Kitchen renovations are the most expensive area you could put your money towards, so finding alternatives comes in handy. A painless and, most importantly, cheap way to transform your cabinets is by painting them the color of your choice by yourself. There are numerous stores that sell a variety of paints that you can purchase for this project. Make sure you sand and prime depending on your cabinet’s material, then simply paint them a new color.

You can use this fun idea for your bathroom cabinets as well as your desk or dresser drawers if you want to get more creative. In the same spaces, you could invest in a new set of knobs that add a pop of color or something unique. Additionally, consider looking into door handles that match these new knobs you find interest in. There are many ways to make your cabinets into something new, and all it takes is a tub of paint and brushes.

Get Creative With Lighting

The lighting in your home is a great way to highlight special features and add to any room, but there are some interesting ways to mess around with it. A simple DIY idea to change up your lights is by switching out your current fixtures with new ones. These could match the rest of your spaces more if you’re redoing a whole room. A smaller way to adjust the design is by getting new lampshades or even adding to the ones you already have by painting on a stenciled pattern. There are endless ways to create your own unique lighting to add some pep to your home.

A recent design trend that’s caught many people’s attention is the use of LED string lights in different kinds of rooms. In your kitchen, you could use these under your cabinets to create under-cabinet lighting. These lights tend to come with a remote or small clicker to power them off and on. LED string lights could also function as a nightlight if you have small kids or often take trips to the kitchen throughout the night.

In a space like your bedroom or the living room, you may choose to install LEDs for entertainment. Many strands can change colors and even flash with the push of a button, so they’re a great option during parties or friendly gatherings. If you want to throw a movie night, you can use a smaller strip to line the back of your TV and create a backlight. LEDs are a fun and unique way to set the mood in your space while being multi-functional.

Re-pot Your Indoor Plants

Having some greenery around your home is a good way to liven it up and make it feel more inviting to family and guests. If you’ve owned plants before or have multiple, you likely know that some plants have to be transferred to a new pot once they’ve grown a certain amount. When this time comes for you, look into some funky or aesthetic designs or, if you want to get more hands-on, buy a plain pot and make an activity out of it.

You can save this DIY project for a rainy day if you have kids, and chances are they’ll have a blast. Once you get your bare flower pots for the plants, set up some old newspaper to protect your surfaces, grab some paint and brushes, and start designing! Whether you use your imagination or find inspiration on the web, this is an exciting way to tackle something new. Make sure you check on your indoor plants frequently and know when to switch pots on time.

Create a Photo Wall

If you have extra wall space and you’re trying to find something to do with it, consider starting a DIY photo wall. This gives you the opportunity to display pictures of your loved ones and be surrounded by happy memories. All you need to complete this easy concept are photos, however many you decide to use, and some picture frames that will hang on the wall. If you have frames that don’t match in color, you could even save some money and paint them the color of your choosing instead.

There are many ways to use other photos to fill your space, like some of your favorite artwork or views of beautiful landscapes. The internet offers thousands of ways for you to print out pictures that will help you add to your room. You can use a variety of layouts to create your photo wall, big or small, so you’ll find endless options and may even decide to try something new down the road.

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