5 Reasons it Might be Time to Move

Determining the right time to begin house hunting can be an overwhelming decision. Taking the time to pause and evaluate if your housing situation is the best fit for you and your family will greatly benefit everyone in the long run.

There are many situations that may kick off the new house shopping task. These reasons are important to prioritize when looking for a new property to ensure that your next move is a long-lasting one.

Many dread open house staging, the packing process and simply searching for the next perfect property but at The Talons Group our goal is to make your decision to invest in a new home an exciting one. Here are a few ways we recommend deciding if a move might be right for you:

Your home is too small

When craft supplies and sporting equipment begin to pile high or spill out of closets it may be time to look for a different home. Storage is a home aspect that most house shoppers highly prioritize but when your interests and hobbies begin to expand, your property may no longer fulfill your needs.

Along with your personal belongings, having room for guests and visitors to stay or visit is a convenient accommodation. If the in-laws visit often, it may be time to find a house with a room that will keep their luggage tucked away.

Searching for a new home with attic or basement storage, walk-in closets or more shelving options is a great way to give every hobby and guest a space that does not interfere with your daily routine.

Your family is expanding

Whether you are about to welcome a child, care for your parents in your home or bring home a four legged furry friend, ensuring that there is optimal space for every member of the family is the key to a happy home.

Assessing your living space when expanding your family is a great way to decide if a larger home is a good fit. Maybe it’s time for each child to have their own room or you are in need of a separate living space for other members of your family. No matter the need, providing enough space for everyone to function without crowding one another will cause less frustration in the future.

Location needs

A convenient location to your job, school and shopping center may dictate your next move. Maybe your workplace has switched from one side of the city to the other or you now work from home and would prefer to be closer to your partner’s job.

A well located home for your individual needs can greatly improve your overall quality of life. Eliminating the 45 minute commute and crossing of busy highways has many benefits such as allowing more time to spend with family and relaxing at home.

Increased income

What is a better way to reward yourself for a new promotion or job acceptance than searching for the home you have been dreaming of?

With an increase in pay comes the ability to expand your living options. You may now have the option to move from an apartment to a townhouse or a condo into a stand alone house. Whatever you chose to be your next step, it is important to keep in mind a budget that will allow you to live comfortably and save for the future.


Maybe walking from the parking lot to your front door has become inconvenient or your indoor plant collection is cluttering every window sill, whatever the issue, it may be a sign that upgrades are needed. While your current home may be comfortable, you may desire a more luxurious style or amenities that homes nearby offer.

Whether a garage to protect your car, a large patio for cookouts or a quaint garden for your growing plant collection are on the home wishlist, searching for homes that will bring you happiness should be a goal.

Once you have the chance to evaluate and compile your next home needs, you should begin searching for the real estate group to make it possible.

Here at The Talons Group we want to help you find your dream home. Finding your next property can be a daunting task but our knowledgeable team will assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to discover your next home options.