6 Styles of Houses for Sale in Auburn, AL

When it comes to architecture, the southern region of the United States boasts a rich and diverse heritage. From the grand plantations of the antebellum era to the cozy cottages nestled in picturesque towns, the Auburn and Opelika area showcases an array of distinct house styles that reflect its cultural and historical roots. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into some of the most commonly found house styles in the Auburn and Opelika area, each with its own unique charm and character.

1. Antebellum Plantation Houses

Evoking a sense of elegance and grandeur, antebellum plantation houses stand as a testament to the wealth and opulence of the South’s agricultural past. These stately mansions typically feature grand columns, sweeping verandas, and symmetrical facades. Often surrounded by vast estates, they were the centerpieces of large plantations and represented the wealth of their owners.

2. Victorian Houses

During the late 19th century, Victorian-style houses became increasingly popular throughout the South. These homes embraced elaborate ornamentation, intricate detailing, and a variety of architectural influences, including Gothic, Italianate, and Queen Anne styles. Victorian houses often feature asymmetrical facades, vibrant paint colors, ornate trim work, and steep gabled roofs. They exude a romantic and whimsical charm that has endured through the decades.

3. Craftsman Bungalows

Craftsman-style bungalows gained popularity in the early 20th century and remain cherished architectural gems in the South. These cozy and inviting homes often feature low-pitched roofs, deep porches, exposed rafters, and a combination of natural materials such as stone and wood. Craftsman bungalows are known for their emphasis on craftsmanship, simplicity, and integration with nature, reflecting the Arts and Crafts movement that inspired them.

4. Southern Colonial

Reflecting the influence of European settlers in the South, Southern Colonial houses are characterized by their symmetry, classical proportions, and refined elegance. These homes often feature two or three stories, central entrances flanked by columns, and formal, symmetrical facades. The Southern Colonial style blends elements of Georgian and Federal architecture, showcasing the South’s connection to its historical roots.

5. Shotgun Houses

A distinct feature of many southern cities and towns, shotgun houses are simple, narrow homes that are typically one room wide and several rooms deep. These houses earned their name from their linear layout, where one room opens directly into the next, allowing for a straight line of sight from the front door to the back. Shotgun houses often feature front porches, high ceilings, and a rich history rooted in African and Creole cultures.

6. Lowcountry Homes

Found primarily in coastal regions, Lowcountry homes embrace the unique geography and climate of the South Carolina and Georgia coastlines. These homes are characterized by their elevated foundations, large porches, and steep roofs to provide shade and protection from frequent rainstorms. Lowcountry architecture often includes elements of Greek Revival and Caribbean influences, creating a distinctive style that perfectly suits the coastal landscape.

How Talons Group Can Help!

The South is a treasure trove of architectural styles that reflect the region’s rich history, diverse cultural influences, and unique geographical features. From the grandeur of antebellum plantations to the quaint charm of Craftsman bungalows, each house style tells a story and adds to the vibrant tapestry of the southern landscape. Whether you find yourself captivated by the elegance of Victorian houses or the simplicity of shotgun houses, exploring the various styles of homes for sale in Auburn and Opelika is our specialty. Contact us today to get started on your home-buying journey!