Benefits of Buying a Game Day Condo

Traveling back to your college alma mater can be such a fun experience, but can quickly become expensive. Between hotel prices skyrocketing come game day, season tickets and even food for the weekend, the vacation bill soon runs up. The biggest dent in the wallet is hotel rates, that often double, triple or even quadruple on football weekends in Auburn. However, people are combating the crazy price-gouging by buying a “game day condo”. This is becoming a huge trend in the real estate market, especially in Auburn.

Among reasons like having a child on a sports team, living far away, and having multiple kids at the college, there are many benefits to invest in a game day condo. Whether it helps cut costs, or is more convenient for your busy weekend, buying a condo in your favorite college town will be a decision that pays for itself. If you need more convincing, check out the awesome benefits of buying a game day condo below!


Most game day condos in Auburn are conveniently located close to campus. As we all know, being close to campus on game days means a ton of great things. In fact, if your condo is close to campus, the stadium is only a jump, hop, and a skip away! At Auburn, close to campus means easy access to the stadium, tailgates, and all other fun, game day comradery that surrounds Auburn athletics. It also means you are close to nightlife downtown, delicious restaurants, and the world famous Toomer’s Corner.

According to the Wall Street Journal, having a condo to stay in is also convenient as you don’t have to just spend an afternoon or drive home in the middle of the night. Most people prefer not to drive home after games. Understandably so due to exhaustion, inclement weather, and alcohol consumption. With a condo, you can enjoy your day without the worry of where to stay!


There are so many reasons why buying a game day condo is a financially savvy choice.

Split the cost: If you have many family members and extended family members who bleed orange and blue just like you, they may be open to splitting the cost of the condo and share it.

Parking/transportation is expensive: If anyone has ever tried to Uber anywhere on game day they know how expensive it is. Especially if you are with a bigger group of people, Ubers can be as much as $100 even if you are just traveling a half mile, and then you have to order another one to get home. Buying a game day condo can save you money because you can generally walk anywhere you need to go. This also saves money in regards to parking. Parking services will throw a ticket on your car in 15 seconds if you don’t have a parking pass or put quarters in the parking meter. Parking passes can be expensive and so can the parking tickets if they rack up!

Eating out for every meal can get out of hand: Although all of the restaurants in downtown Auburn are phenomenal and delicious, one of the most useful amenities in a condo is the kitchen. Not only can you save money by cooking at home and not eating out, you can also reduce the hassle of having to plan out every meal.

Resale: In an ever changing housing market, game day condo outlook continues to stay pretty strong. According to the Chicago Tribune, game day units in Athens resell for close to 50% more than the initial value. Prices tend to stay this way as there is always a small number of condos available at one time, and a large number of alumni who are dying for a convenient place to stay to complement their season tickets.

As you can see, there are many benefits to owning a game day condo. Here at The Talons Group, we provide an elevated real estate experience based on cutting-edge services and strategy, as well as a higher level of customer service. Our experience is unparalleled in the market for both consumers and our own team members and we want to help you find the best game day condo to fit your needs. To learn more, contact us here today!