Everything You Need To Know: Local Activities, Schools and Facilities That Will Make You Want to Call Auburn Home

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Auburn, Alabama was founded in 1836 and within three years earned its nickname: “the loveliest village of the plains”, which originated from a line in a poem by Oliver Goldsmith. Over time, Auburn has proven this nickname to be true in more ways than one. One of the main reasons people love this unique city is because Auburn is a place that is suited to everyone. Whether you are a college student, a new home owner, newlyweds, starting a family, relocating or retiring, you will find your home in Auburn. Generally, when people hear the name ‘Auburn’, they tend to associate it with Auburn University. Although the activities within the university – like the football games – are always celebrated, the city of Auburn is more than a typical college town. The city is full of residents who practice southern hospitality and are a family oriented community; other positive characteristics include, an outstanding public school system, locally owned restaurants and a wide variety of arts and recreation facilities.

The Auburn “Family”

“The Auburn Family” is a phrase used to describe the tight-knit residential community of Auburn. The people who live in this city are the main reason it is special. Auburn is made up of a diverse population, totaling at  63,118 residents – but 27,287 of that number are students. Although the population count appears large, Auburn manages to maintain a small-town feel. The community of Auburn is often described as engaged and supportive; whether it be supporting the Auburn University football team or attending a local farmer’s market. According to Brooke Peace Harris, from Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau, “People come to Auburn to go to college, but they love it so much, they decide to stay.” This statement from Peace Harris exemplifies how this unique atmosphere is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Auburn University

Auburn is a progressive community. A large number of international students enrolled at Auburn University fosters a diverse population due to the significant international presence. As the hub of the town is the university, this creates a different feel to most small cities as there is a strong sense of community pride. Auburn University is in the SEC, one of the top athletic conferences, meaning there are lots of major sporting events year round which residents are always excited about and eager to support. The diversity the university brings to the town fosters an environment that is unlike others.

Public School Systems

It is a well-known fact that the city of Auburn is centered around Auburn University. This naturally results with education being a major priority. Not only is Auburn University outstanding due to its wide variety of opportunities for students; Niche – a school system review website –  rates Auburn city schools to be #6 out of 135 public school systems in the state of Alabama.

Auburn City Schools is the fastest growing school district in Alabama over the last five years, and is recognized among the nation’s top public school systems each year, due to a progressive use of technology and continued support from the City and the community. The City and community recognize the importance of education within Auburn and continuously advocate to improve facilities, curriculum and other relevant initiatives for public schools.

Auburn provides its residents with eight elementary schools, two middle schools, one junior high school and one high school – which just underwent a $72 million renovation. Two of these schools are national Blue Ribbon schools and the district has also been acknowledged by Parenting magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

Local Restaurants

Finding restaurants that serve great food is always a positive factor. Luckily, Auburn is full of many locally owned restaurants that provide a wide variety of price ranges and different cuisines. There are many restaurants to choose from, but the ones located close to downtown are: Acre, The Depot, Amsterdam Cafe and Hamilton’s on Magnolia.


Acre is an independently owned restaurant by Chef David Bancroft. This restaurant strives to welcome students, alums and guests by providing a sophisticated atmosphere and maintaining southern-charm. Acre provides a seasonal menu, which is subject to change daily – depending on what is fresh in their local garden. There is indoor and outdoor seating, which provides a wonderful experience that everyone can enjoy.

The Depot:

The Depot is located at the Historic Auburn Train Depot, providing a unique and historical atmosphere for customers. This restaurant provides a gulf-coastal cuisine with a southern flare. Alabama’s freshest seafood, is prepared at The Depot for the many seafood lovers in Auburn.

Amsterdam Cafe:

Amsterdam Cafe is located on East Samford Avenue, and focuses on providing a memorable and delicious meal for their customers. The cuisine offered at Amsterdam Cafe is called “farm to table”, meaning they want to provide the freshest ingredients within their dishes – especially seafood. Amsterdam Cafe offers live music, a full bar and terrace dining to provide an “Auburn Experience” like no other.

Hamilton’s on Magnolia:

Located right in the heart of downtown, Hamilton’s on Magnolia offers a casual but quaint atmosphere. The cuisine is described as “diverse contemporary” with American selections. Hamilton’s on Magnolia offers drink specials daily, live music, full bar and outdoor dining to provide a dining experience fit for everyone.

Arts and Recreation Facilities

Auburn offers a multitude of historical sites, museums and recreational facilities for residents and guests to visit. A few of the museums to visit are: Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Pebble Hill and the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center. For the residents who enjoy spending time outdoors, Auburn is home to 16 parks. The two largest parks are Chewacla – which is about 700 acres and Kiesel – which is about 200 acres. Residents enjoy spending their days exploring the beauty that these parks have to offer. Auburn also offers musical events through the Auburn University Band, the Auburn High School Honors Band and jazz performances at the historic Unitarian Fellowship Building.

The city of Auburn offers a wide variety of restaurants, facilities and school systems for the residents. There is a plethora of facilities and activities to enjoy in our small corner of the world and we want to show you that regardless of age, Auburn is a town you will love to call home. If you are looking to buy or sell your home in the Auburn area, contact us at (334) 758-6220.