How to Increase Your Open House Attendance

Open houses are a great tool to show your home to potential buyers. They are more efficient than private showings because they allow for a multitude of people to see the house at one time. However, the planning and advertising of an open house must be well-executed in order to maximize opportunities and get as many people to attend as possible.

Hosting the perfect open house can be hard enough, but worrying about how many people will show up can make it even more stressful. If you are concerned about how many people will show up to your open house, check out these tips that might help drive traffic to your open house showings.

Advertise to Appropriate Demographics
Target certain demographics by doing research and understanding who your potential buyer may be. If your house is in an area where younger people are more likely to live, perhaps digital advertising is the best option. On the other hand, if your house is in an older demographic, more traditional channels might be better, like in the newspaper.

Whatever your demographic, you should consider advertising your open house via social media. Almost every demographic uses social media frequently. According to Pew Research, about 70% of adults use Facebook. If they see a good looking ad for an open house, they might spread the word to friends or colleagues that they know are looking for a new home.

Put Up Flyers
Focus on heavily trafficked areas to post printed flyers. Use the streets where people frequently walk or exercise to post flyers. Make sure the flyers will catch the passerby’s attention by using readable fonts and colors.

Ask your agent’s office to place flyers in the real estate agency’s window.
This works well if the office is located on a commercial street with lots of shops and sidewalks.

Invite the Neighbors
Neighbors are very important. Everybody prefers to live in an area where neighbors are friendly, look out for one another and take pride in their homes. By inviting neighbors to your open house, they can provide their insights and perspectives on living in the community to potential home buyers. This is a very powerful selling tool. When selling a home, you need to make sure that all potential buyers get a good feel for the neighborhood and hear the current residents talk positively about living there. When this happens, prospective buyers are more likely to feel like they will fit in and possibly even make life-long friends with the neighbors.

Schedule Your Open House Deliberately
Sunday is usually the best day to host your open house. It will be the day that is most likely to have the least amount of conflict, meaning that you will already be increasing the amount of people that are available to come and see.

That being said, it is also typically the most popular day for people to schedule their open house. So, if you want to set yourself apart from other open houses, sometimes people schedule their open house after work between 5:30 p.m. -8 p.m. Other ideal times to schedule an open house is early (9 a.m. -11 a.m.) or late (3 p.m.- 5 p.m.) on a Saturday.

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