Not Only a Realtor, But A Friend: How Talons Group Cares for Its Customers Through Community

Buying a home can prove to be a very difficult process with many hoops to jump through. However, this process can be made smoother with the right realtor as your partner.

At Talons Group, we pride ourselves in having realtors who are not only exceptional at their jobs, but strive to make and keep connections with each and every one of their clients. We are a team who loves the Auburn area as much as you do, and we are incredibly passionate about helping you build a community here.

By working with the Talons Group, our realtors ensure to establish a strong realtor-buyer relationship with every client. This helps us make the most of your home buying process. This is not the only benefit you can expect to see when working with our realtors.

We Are Your Neighbors

As residents of the Auburn/Opelika area, we know first-hand the benefits to living in Auburn and the surrounding areas. When finding your home, we hope to make the process more exciting by sharing our expertise not only of real estate but of our insight into the local area. At the Talon’s Group, we have your best interest at heart, and we make it a point to establish rapport to help form a better relationship with our clients.

Our personal experience and insight only aids in our desire to be here to help you find the perfect home. Whether it be providing a restaurant, church, or babysitter recommendation or listing activities to do on the weekends, we can help you, and we speak from our own experience.

We Go The Extra Mile

Many realtors are just focused on finalizing the sale and only take the steps that will get them to that sale. All of our realtors at the Talon’s Group have always made it a point to go further for their clients instead of just looking towards the sale. We will be there to provide the answers you need.

If your home buying process is taking longer than expected, we will not give up until we have found you the home of your dreams, no matter how long it takes. We’ll be there with you for every little win and even the disappointments. We know that you can’t put a time limit on a forever home, and we want to be the ones to help you discover what that looks like for you.

We’re With You For The Long Haul

Whether you’ve lived in the area for years or recently decided to make Auburn/Opelika your home, we believe that everyone can feel like they belong here. Because we care about Auburn, we desire to help you see its full potential. We fully understand the value of living in this community, and we are excited to be a part of bringing you into this family as well.

Because we operate on the basis of establishing a good realtor-buyer relationship first, we also believe that this relationship doesn’t stop when your home buying process is complete. We love to keep in touch with our buyers and their families during the closing and after you have found your home.

Because we are part of the Auburn/Opelika community, one of our goals is to help you establish your place here beyond the four walls you call home. We’ll be your first friends if needed, keep up with your life events, and be a friendly face you can see around the area.

How we can help

Buying a home means making a big decision, but one thing you shouldn’t have to decide on is whether or not you can trust your realtor. Rest assured knowing our realtors have amazing resources, are great at their jobs, and also have a strong desire to get to know you and help you find your happiest home. We will assist you in making your first – or your next – property your very favorite, most comfortable, and most inviting space. We are happy to be there for whatever that process looks like.

At the Talon’s Group, we aim to provide an unparalleled experience so that you can be happy and comfortable throughout the homebuying process. We want to find you a house so you can make it a home. If you are looking for a property in Auburn/Opelika, contact us today for a realtor that wants to partner with you in this journey.