Tips for Hosting an Easter-Themed Open House

Springtime is in the air and Easter is just around the corner. Make your open house match the aesthetic of the upcoming holiday with simple tips to prepare your home. Leave your guests feeling fulfilled with the tastes of the Spring season.

1. Incorporate Easter Door Decor

You want your house to feel welcoming to buyers, and what’s more welcoming than a welcome mat? Make your welcome mat Easter-themed to get your guests feeling festive. You could also add a wreath to your door, or pastel ribbon to your outdoor railings. You could also hang a frame, painting, or lights on your door. People will be sure to feel the welcoming warmth within the home. Easter decorations will be a nice greeting and you may even receive a few compliments on your house right off the bat. Plus, it will get you in the mood for the holiday.

2. Have Festive Food

There are plenty of open-house food ideas that you could provide for your guests. Charcuterie boards, finger sandwiches, and festive and decorative desserts are all good snack-sized foods for an open house. You could easily make these foods Easter-themed, whether you make the classic deviled eggs, bouquets of Easter bunny peeps, or carrot cake muffins. You could also add apple juice, orange juice, or coffee. There are plenty of Easter-themed plates, napkins, and cups you can find at your local grocery store. Another food that’s usually a safe bet and very allergy-free is rice crispy treats. You can get an Easter bunny tracer and make them shaped like bunnies! Another fan favorite is the chocolate hard shell Easter eggs. You could leave those in some fancy-looking bowls on bedside tables or in cabinets around the house.

3. Keep Up on Your Spring Cleaning

You could use a spring cleaning checklist to make sure everything is spotless and sparkling. It’s important to check every room to make sure it looks ready for guests. Even the bathrooms and closets should look neat, considering that your visitors will be analyzing every aspect of your house. Make sure to eliminate as much dust as possible, sweep every corner and make sure everything looks organized and neat. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Walk into the front door of your house with the perspective of seeing this house for the first time. What would you want it to look like? Would you notice anything different? It could help to put aside the personalized items so people feel like this house is a new model home. Think about any small repairs you’ve been putting off. When people come to open houses, they’ll be taking note of a loose door handle or chipped paint.

4. Let In All the Spring Scents

Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. Spring is in the air! Make your house smell good with spring candles or seasonal air fresheners. You could use essential oil diffusers around the house with springtime scents. Lemon and lavender scents will spruce up the scent of your home. Use spring-scented candles to have your house smelling like the season. Lavender, sweet pea, orange blossom, and lemon scents are all great options for candle scents for your open house. You could even bring the outdoors inside by finding some flowers to arrange in bouquets. You could put these in a fun decorative or pastel vase that will match the springtime theme. These arrangements can help your house look and smell good. These tips can give an ambiance of liveliness in your household for your visitors.

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